Steps to Help You Choose the Right Surgeon


The evolution of modern medicine has diversified the methods of providing care. Despite the countless available options, many illnesses can only be resolved using surgery.

Here at Louie-Marc G. Contreras MD Corp, we ensure you achieve your best state of health through our surgical treatments in Valencia, California. We understand that every patient wants the best surgeon for their needs. Let us discuss some tips on how you can choose the right surgeon.

  • Identify What Surgery You Need

    You can start finding the right surgeon by identifying what type of procedure you need. Some physicians specialize in specific procedures. But for the most part, general surgeons can get the job done. Be sure to schedule a surgical consultation to learn more about your surgery needs. You can narrow down your options when you know what type of surgery you need.

  • Seek Referrals

    Using a network can be a quicker way to find the surgeon for your needs. Asking for recommendations can give you deeper insights into the surgical experience and capabilities of a surgeon. Referrals also save you time searching for the ideal surgeon. As practitioners of general surgery in Glendale, California, we can make this search easier for you.

  • Learn More about Your Surgeon

    Once you have created a list of surgeons, you can then learn more about them. You can assess background and credentials. Your surgeons are in charge of your health and life. Learning more about them can help you decide who you can trust. You can always opt for our surgeon in Los Angeles, California if you seek surgical treatments. We want to help address your health conditions through our range of social services. Call us to learn more about our services today!

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